Best Psoriasis Cream 2018

What Makes Demesis So Effective as a Topical Psoriasis Treatment Option…

  1. Inexpensive treatment which both moisturizes and begins to heal psoriasis damaged skin.
  2. All-natural ingredients mean no negative reactions.

What’s PsPsoriasis topical treatment option product revieworiasis?

A chronic disease of the autoimmune system which causes scaly, dry skin.

Psoriasis can be a painful and an incredibly irritating skin disorder.

Week after week you have to put up with irritated, dry and itchy skin.  Not to mention, you can’t always wear clothes you want to, fearing you may be embarrassed.

Often you’re spending hundreds of dollars on creams or other treatments and end up without any relief at all.

What if I told you there was actually a remedy that could give you the relief you needed?

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Why is Revitol Dermasis an Effective Psoriasis Treatment Option?

This topical Psoriasis product was created by Revitol, which is a skin care company well known for high-quality skin products.

This product was developed to moisturize and soothe your skin and at the same time controlling the flaking and scaling that people with psoriasis deal with daily.

  • Like each Revitol product, Dermasis is entirely natural topical therapy-  No chemicals and no negative reactions
  • Although no cure is available, Dermasis formula helps control symptoms with a cream that doesn’t stain, isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly
  • All Natural Ingredients means NO Negative Reaction.

Several ingredients work together to ensure you’re getting the best relief at the lowest price.

These include:

  •  2% Salicylic Acid – FDA approved psoriasis treatment. This works to promote shedding of dead skin, resulting in alleviating the scaling and itching.
  •  Palm oil – penetrates the skin forming a thin layer of protection helping smooth your skin.
  •  Vitamin E Acetate – an antioxidant which works to boost your skin’s moisture in the outer layers. It also protects your skin from UV Damage.
  •  Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia) – an old, very effective product which aids in the promotion of smooth, healthy skin.

What's psoriasis?

Results from Dermasis Psoriasis Treatment – Get Yours Here

Why is Revitol Dermasis so Effective and Unique?

  • It is an inexpensive treatment which both moisturizes and begins to heal psoriasis damaged skin
  • unlike other formulas, you can feel the itching being relieved within a day or two
  • all-natural – unlike other treatments for psoriasis. (No chemicals – only Natural Products!)
  • the company is entirely transparent
  • no negative reactions because all ingredients are natural.

BONUS – Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

You’re protected by Revitol’s 100% guarantee if you’re not satisfied…

…The only way Revitol can offer a money back guarantee is because it works!

What Are Others Saying About Revitol Dermasis?

“This cream is fairly inexpensive, and it seems to work fairly well. Not a cure, mind you, but it helps itching and scaliness. A big plus is that it is not greasy, either. Overall, it’s a great product and I would definitely buy it again!” – Liz R.

“Did not know what my problem was until a web search led me to the possibility I was suffering from psoriasis. I live in a tropical climate outside the US. Dermasis solved my problem and I am very pleased with this product!” – Paul K.

“Thank you Dermasis! Your product is fantastic and I’m so happy now. I’m no longer embarrassed to wear skirts and short sleeve shirts out in public. I feel like I can live life like everyone else does!” – Susan F.


Psoriasis Treatment option product review

Revitol Dermasis Cream FAQ?

Q. Where can you buy Dermasis?

A. Online at the official website by clicking here.

Q. Is Dermasis available outside the USA?

A. Only available in the USA and Canada at this time.

Q. What is the Price?

A. Just $24.99 per jar which lasts one month.

Q. Are there any Discounts?

A. YES!  You can get a Great Discount when you buy three months supply because you’ll receive one jar FREE.

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Verdict – Is Revitol Dermasis Worth It?

Answer:  Yes!

  • It has natural pH balancers – so no harsh effects on skin
  • Non-greasy solution
  • Soothes down the itching, redness, and irritation
  • Moisturizes skin while fighting the symptoms of psoriasis.

Rating – 4/5What's Psoriasis?

Currently, there is no final cure for psoriasis…

…However, the symptoms CAN be treated effectively by Revitol Dermasis.

If you’re sick of feeling irritable and maybe embarrassed…

…I recommend This Cream – I’m sure you will be surprised how good it is!

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  1. Jeremy

    Wow this product looks incredible! the way it works to relieve the Psoriasis is blowing my mind…

    I think that I will recommend this to people I know, who may suffer from this disease in the future.

    I will bookmark this page! and thankyou for the great review:)


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