Best Water Filters – Unbiased Review 2018

What are the Best Water Filters – This is my unbiased Review  for 2018

We all need water to survive, that’s a given, but drinking straight from the tap can impair your health.  When drinking tap (or spring) water, it’s likely that your also getting unnecessary harmful chemicals — fluorine compounds, chlorine, Trihalomethanes (THMs), pesticides, assorted hormones, but this can be rectified.  This post is the best water filters review 2108.

Best water filters review 2018Do you know what’s in your Drinking Water?

Want to drink pure, healthy water?

Let’s Take a Look…

Tap water has traveled miles through pipelines, picking up pesticides and contaminants, before it gets to your taps. It’s been through disinfection by potential carcinogens like ammonia, chlorine, and/or chloramines, and “fortified” by fluoride.

Disinfection might be necessary — without it, illnesses that are water-borne would be problematic — however, drinking, bathing and showering each day with this cocktail is not a good idea.

What do we Really Know about the Water we Drink?

Problem is, many of us have no idea about the contaminants and chemicals in water, nor the effects long-term. We believe everything is all right, but it’s really not. The fact is after three years of investigation by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) they found jaw-dropping results.

They discovered about 85% of people were using water from the tap that was laced with more than 300 contaminants.  A lot of these with the effects long-term are not known and over half, not even EPA regulated.  This doesn’t take into account the new chemical substances that appear almost every day.

How We Chose the Best Water Filters

This review focuses on faucet-mounted and carbon pitcher: They are not only effective, but have low costs up-front, and require very little installation, if any at all. Carbon is not the only drinking water treatment — there’s also reverse osmosis, whereby water goes through a membrane in order to catch toxins, and there are household systems that are built into the plumbing. But faucet-mount and pitcher filters are very effective too and less complex to set -up.

We’re only focusing on filters that have a third-party certification to improve taste and remove contaminants.  We selected the brand’s best models and hand-tested them. 

The units reviewed gave all been NSF-certified so they meet strict safety and health standards. They’re all compact enough for easy placement beneath your sink.  They’re also easy units for installation. All have features required to effectively lower contaminants making your water taste, and be, healthier for you.

The Overall Best – Aquasana 3-Stage Under Counter




This compact water filter system stows away neatly beneath your sink. The water filter removes up to 60 toxins, including organic chemicals and heavy metals, in three separate stages each removing a different sort of contaminant.

Part of this purification process, elements that occur naturally like calcium, potassium, and magnesium still remain. The combination of keeping the beneficial and removing the bad results in you having tastier and healthier water.

Pros – This filter can lower up to sixty contaminating agents.

Cons – No responses received.

VERDICT – This system is ideal for removing a range of contaminants without bulky and ugly filer system unit.

This water filter connects beneath your sink improving the taste and cleanliness of your water. The system is certified by the NSF and lowers many contaminants, including chlorine, organic chemicals, and heavy metals. It features easy installation as well as replacement design,  & also includes a faucet. Additionally, the Aquasana system alerts you when it’s necessary to renew the filters, leaving out any guesswork.

PRICE – $142

Best Value – Apec Water ROES-50


This filter system can remove up to forty different toxins from your water in five stages. Not only just a more affordable filter that we compared – the filters are longer lasting than others but also only need replacing every 6 – 12 months which is filtering around 1,000 gallons.

However, there is no automatic notification letting you know the time for replacements, so you just need to be aware of that. The filter removes a variety of impurities resulting in safe, good tasting water.  The company also has a helpful support staff and plenty of options to make contact.

Pros – This system treats water of all types, including well water, hard water as well as water containing varying pH levels.

Cons – The Apec has no feature which notifies you when the filter needs replacing.

VERDICT – This drinking system produces good-tasting and safe water – you just have to keep track of the maintenance.

This is a strong water filter system. This unit can reduce contaminants by up to forty, from the water you drink. It has 5 filtering stages and can treat all types of water. Additionally, the system’s filters have an extensive lifespan and only need to be replaced each 6 to 12 months. The Apec Water system has much more to offer than you’ll find in many similar systems.

PRICE – $199.95

Best Warranty – WaterChef U9000


This system offers easy water filtration with one filter system, meaning you only have to remember to replace the one filter. Filtering over 50 contaminants, it is also has a limited lifetime guarantee, which is the best we found. Most others have cover for one year.

The system does have certain limitations, like filtering out asbestos, bacteria, and mercury. It does, though, retain nutrients like magnesium and calcium, which will keep its nutritional value and taste.

Pros – This filter has a lifetime guarantee.

Cons – The WaterChef system doesn’t remove asbestos, bacteria or mercury.

VERDICT – This is a great water filter offering many exceptional features that can’t be found in many other similar machines.

The WaterChef is an impressive, below the sink, water filter. This model is able to filter over 50 contaminants which might lurk in your water and also adds essential minerals back into the water. It has one filter which has a 1-year lifespan.  Also, the whole system has a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, this is a compact and includes a faucet.

PRICE – $335.95

Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

Best Home Alkaline Water Filtration System


This system has seven water options: 4 ionized: 1purified – non-ionized; 2 presets for ionized acidic.  The carbon filter is easily replaceable and lasts up to 12 months.  Very reliable and durable system and self-cleaning.

Pros – Long-life and self-cleaning.

Cons – None available.

4.1 out of 5 stars 226 customer reviews

PRICE –  $814.94

Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

This Ionizer Filter is for countertops connecting to the tap beneath the sink.  The filters need to be changed on average every 5000 liters.

It makes acidic and alkaline water.  For alkaline water, the ionizer needs at least 20lbs water pressure for each square inch of water pressure supplied by the tap.  Fluctuating water pressure is not suitable for this machine.


  • lifetime warranty
  • makes alkaline and acidic water.

Cons – Not suitable for fluctuation water pressure.   100%

PRICE –  $1,575.00

4.5 out of 5 stars 156 customer reviews

Clean Water Best for Detoxing your Body

During a body detox, we are removing toxins, water free of contaminants is best by far. A great thing you can do for yourself while detoxing and even if you’re not is drinking about eight glasses of CLEAN water each day.  Click here for more information on the importance of detoxing your body for health.

What to Check – Best Water Filters

The best water filters remove certain contaminants, make the best use of space and have a relatively long life. Furthermore, they should have a good warranty. This is the criteria used for our product reviews:

Contaminants Filtered

Maybe you want water filter to remove toxins and have better tasting water, that smells and/ or looks healthier. The best filters will reduce up to 10 or over contaminants. They should be NSF certified so you know they meet strict guidelines for safety. The best water filters have a performance guide showing test results for specific contaminants that are removed.

Performance Features

The best water filters that are under-the-counter reduce toxins in stages. It’s best to get a filter which has a minimum of 3 separate stages. Each stage removes a different sort of contaminants like sediment, residue, and chemicals.

That being said, some filters might affect the water pressure. Systems with a pressure ranging from 55 – 65 psi would be best since this range is ideal home water pressure. If your water pressure is stronger than that it could result in pipe damage and then leak.

Furthermore, after a time, the system’s filters will need replacing. This can be costly your faucet filters don’t have a relatively long lifespan. The average time a filter lasts is about 6 months. Some filters lifespan, such as Kinetico AquaKinetic, is 12 months.  You will find the better systems will have an alert, whether, by sound or light, that will remind you when to it is time to replace the cartridge.

Best Water Filters – Design

You will probably want a filter system that isn’t too large or bulky. Before purchasing make sure there is ample room beneath your sink. Especially compact is the filter Pelican Pro 6 so is great for small spaces. Additionally, many of these filters do not need a professional for installation: you can do it yourself. We recommend systems that have installation kits and easily changed filters. On some of the best water filters, all you have to do is twist the filter to change it.

Best water filters review 2018.

Help and Support

Most filters have a 1-year warranty. Some manufacturers, however, offer lesser time frames. If you have concerns about your water filter, you will want to be able to contact a representative, whether by live chat, email, or telephone for support.

A good water filter can ensure you have safe drinking water and can have long-term health benefits for you and your loved ones.